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Easy Shopping List


Easy Shopping List is a simple application that allows you to create multiple shopping lists (or any todo list) and keep track of their items.IOS version also available.
With Easy Shopping List you can:
- plan your shopping by creating lists
- create a shared shopping list with a friend which is kept synchronized in realtime. Can be shared between Android and IOS. No sign in required.
- manage multiple shopping lists
- enter shopping items (or any other) by typing, speaking (vocal) or scanning barcodes
- take pictures of shopping items with your phone's camera
- visually keep track of what is done in the list
- share your shopping list via google, sms, facebook, youtube, twitter, hotmail, yahoo etc.
- easily reorder shopping items in the shopping list manually or alphabetically
- create a new shopping list using an existing one to avoid typing all items again
- set reminders on your shopping lists and optionally create calendar events with them
- create safety backups of your data (lists and their content)
- creating lists for your circulaires and coupons is also possible and ok
If you need any help do not hesitate to contact me at